IMG_9539-2-200x300Thank you for viewing my work. I am a freelance graphic designer based out of the Boston metro area.

My Background
Since 2007 I have worked with a wide range of organizations, from Fortune 500 companies, to non-profits, to startups. Most commonly I work with small businesses and 501(c)(3) organizations to maximize brand and content integration — in other words, crafting the way a message saturates all aspects of an organization’s communication.

Though I am a graphic designer by trade, I approach projects as a marketer with a business degree. For this reason, many of my clients remark that working with me is a different experience. Not only will we discuss beautiful design, but how things function with your overall goals — how your clients or donors will engage and respond to the pieces we create together.

Working with me means gaining a vision parnter, a fresh set of eyes who has your best interest in mind. My deepest satisfaction is found in understanding your mission, helping you express that passion, and seeing positive results.

Adaptive Work Style
I work hard to adapt to client needs. If you are a boutique outfit, let’s meet over coffee and negotiate a fixed rate based on your budget. If you are looking to conduct a series of branding projects, let’s discuss a monthly retainer to get you through the busy season.

In addition, I offer a wide range of services through my creative professional network which includes artists, writers, illustrators, videographers and developers. Depending on your vision I can assemble and manage a production team to fit your needs.

Getting Started
Let’s discuss your upcoming project. The process begins with a free consultation and estimate, so please don’t be shy. Shoot me a message here and say hello.